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About - Smart Gold Entrepreneur's

Smart Gold Entrepreneurs Ghana limited is a licensed gold exporter and seller in Ghana providing quality gold and diamond giving our cherished clients value for money. We are not affiliated to Big Tools Mining Consult or to any Person, Group or Company claiming to be an agent, or representing Italtec Ghana limited unless otherwise stated. Payments are made via our bankers through a swift code. Clients are hereby advised not transfer money via Western Union, beware of Scammers!!When in doubt contact the CEO via E-mail or phone....

Country Profile -

* Formerly called the Gold Coast.
* Independent constitutional democracy.
* Multi-Party democracy restored since 1992.
* Population of 25.9 million with a land area of 239,000 km2.
* English Common & Customary Law in use.
* Competitive fiscal policy and incentives for mining and mineral exploration.
* 2.5 million ounces of gold produced per annum representing 42% of exports.
* Mining friendly jurisdiction.
* Numerous large scale and smaller alluvial gold mines in production.
* Ranked as fastest reforming economy in Africa.


All mineral resources are managed for the Government of Ghana by the Minerals Commission. A new 2006 Act of Parliament (Act 703) governing fiscal issues is in place with the main highlights as follows:

* 25% corporate income tax with no additional profits tax.
* 8% withholding tax on dividends paid.
* Capital allowances of 75% for 1st Year and 50% of balance for the following years.
* From 3% to 6% royalty paid to the Government of Ghana on all gold and diamonds produced.
* 10% free carried equity stake held by the Government of Ghana for no consideration and no right of the Government to purchase additional equity.
* Stability agreements entered into for periods of up to 15 years to protect the company from future changes in law that might impose a large financial burden on the company. Must be approved by Parliament.
* Exemptions on import duties and taxes for mining plant and equipment.
* Up to 75% retention of proceeds from sales of minerals in foreign currencies.

WHY CHOOSE SMART Gold Enterpreneur's -

The company has over 14 licensed gold buying centers and sub agents spread across the mining towns and villages of Ghana and beyond. The company has partnership with over 25 small scale mines and 4 medium scale mines, we guarantee constant supply of Gold. The company has gold mining projects awaiting partnership from interested investors.
Beware of fraudulent people who hold themselves as chiefs, relatives of famous and respected chiefs, land owners, & miners and self-acclaimed agents on the internet with potential to offer large quantities of gold from Ghana, they are not genuine and should be ignored.
Pricing of gold in Ghana are based on the London Metal Exchange (LME) quotes. Therefore offers with big discounts off the LME are only meant to entice buyers to part with cash to these fraudsters, who normally ask for additional fees in respect of incidental expenses like transportation commission, security, "movement", handling, documentation and insurance