Mining Support Services -

  • Water pumping
  • Drilling and rock Blasting
  • Power generation and
  • secure safety solutions.

  • Gold Trading -

    The company buys and sells gold bars from 85% up. Gold Bars are bought from several small scale mines. We buy and sell Dore on the spot daily. The material is priced by the world market trading day price less 1.5% to 2% below trading spot price depending on volumes. All material is bought in any of our 14 trading centers either in mixed nuggets or dust.
    However the product is weighed and assayed and then smelted for determination of contents before payment is made in the various buying centers. One can either buy or sell Dore bars to the company on spot prices. The company also encourages trade in our daily program by selling and buying gold for clients on spot, and the profit accrued wired into client account.

    Logistics Support -

    The company is dedicated in providing our clients the best in planning, strategy and organization. We are committed to giving the support your program needs to succeed. Our 24/7 operation is designed to keep our clients comfortable and confident knowing there are knowledgeable sources at our end at all times.
    We provide financial management of all purchases on behalf of our clients. Our Management personnel understand the operating costs in the gold mining and know which local vendors will supply your needs best.
    We offer experienced logistical support from town and at site. Our team has extensive in-house knowledge of all mining processes and can offer information or advice on what best suites your mobilization needs.
    Ability to provide your camp with Logistical Managers.
    Advanced planning and logistics for all modes of mine exploration and development.

    Transportation Services -

    We offer transportation services which is part of our primary service. We collect gold from several mining sites and delivery points across the country and transport same to our facility for smelting. We have a team of security personnel who accompany any delivery under secured escort to our facility, this service also is backed by an insurance coverage against security risk.
    Please ask for transportation service charges, exceptions are available for transportation within the West African region, we can collect gold in any location around West Africa from Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Sierra-Leone, Liberia etc just name the location we provide the transportation. Special fees applicable for services in neighboring West African States. Please request the transportation service charge for external service.